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Supreme court rejects appeal over police officer’s sentence

The supreme court on Wednesday rejected an appeal by the police against a suspended two-year jail sentence given to a police officer who was found guilty of bribery and money laundering.

The appeal, made through the attorney-general, had argued the sentence imposed on the drug squad sergeant was inadequate and that these types of offences carry a maximum sentence of up to seven years in prison and/or up to a €100,000-fine.

The offences took place between July 2012 and the beginning of 2013 when the then 56-year-old police officer had asked for a defendant involved in a case concerning a 1.6kg of cocaine €10,000, €1,400 and €419 .98 to help him get acquitted. The suspects had given him that money.

The drug squad sergeant had asked for help from the suspect to arrest the person selling the drugs in exchange for attempting to file a suspension of criminal proceedings against him and to use him as a prosecution witness.

During this time the police officer had become friends with the suspect and he had started asking to borrow money from him and requesting monetary aid to his children.

Court said that the police officer had asked the suspect to give €10,000 to one of his daughters and employ her in his business, pay an air ticket for his second daughter and hospital fees for his third daughter.

All these made the suspect feel insecure feeling his fate was in the police officer’s hands, court said, since it was he who would suggest to the drug squad suspension of criminal proceedings against him.

The man reported the case to the justice minister and a probe was launched against the drug squad sergeant.

The supreme court rejected the police appeal arguing that it didn’t find the suspended two-year sentence imposed on the police officer as inadequate or the product of an incorrect application of the legal principles governing the sentence.

The court also rejected an appeal filed by the sergeant challenging the validity of his conviction.


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