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EU have always been firm about the deal on offer

Britain's Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab

The EU won’t buckle, it’s not just about the UK any more. The UK leaving with no deal will be inconvenient, but not the end of the world. They have internal problems with the likes of Hungary, Poland and Italy who want to ‘change the rules’, giving in to the UK would be a price too high.

Raab is an idiot, the UK decided to leave, the EU and former PM Theresa May came up with a compromise deal, he doesn’t like it but they have to beg the UK to stay.

Spin on it Raab would be my response, it’s the only deal on offer. Asking the EU (the aggrieved party) to come up with a better deal is an embarrassment to the office of Foreign Secretary. As alluded to below, the UK wants a divorce and is demanding that the partner (ex-partner) demands less and comes up with a deal that suits the UK. When did that ever work out well?

The UK can leave the EU with no deal as far as I’m concerned, I’m tired of it. What I won’t put up with is the new government blaming it on the EU. Leaving on 31/10/19 with no deal is entirely the choice of the UK government. The buck stops there. The EU have always been categoric about the deal on offer, it’s this deal or no deal.

Of course there is a bit of wiggle room but the EU would not offer it because May could not get any changes past the ERG who wanted May’s blood, and Corbyn who is obsessed by a general election. What has changed?


It’s up to EU to avoid no-deal Brexit, says UK’s Raab

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