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Everyone is innocent till proven guilty

Photo Christos Theodorides

Its a good thing that most people are not actually trying (alleged Napa rape) the case.They are more biased than the average coffee-shop regular “know-all”.

And of course most decided that the police are at fault. Maybe they are.Their shortcomings are well documented.

But the police – just like everybody else-is innocent until proven guilty. For the moment you have the word of the young woman against the word of the police.As for the presence of video cameras… would anybody care to look how often they are used in MOST european countries?

As for police reputation? We are used to the limitations of the Cyprus police. It is not acceptable. …but if one lived in England he would know that the reputation of police in general is going downhill for a long time.

So much easier to keep bashing everything in Cyprus.


Our View: Napa case highlights need to upgrade police interrogation procedures

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