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Politicians insult our intelligence

What a parody of the whole process… unless we have declarations of assets of their wives, parents and children we know nothing about their actual wealth.

The impudence of claiming that your assets are exactly the same as the last time, down to the last dime in your bank account, makes me sick.

And Mr President claiming the value of his two flats in Limassol is the same as in 1983!!!!

Clearly the questions posed in the asset statement are designed by lawyers to be as ambiguous as is possible to be facilitating terminological inexactitudes if not downright lies.

However if the law permits ownership in anothers name (which is common here) then we can begin to understand how anyone can claim to own nothng personally while in fact being extremely wealthy and asset rich.

Therefore I suggest the asset statement is in fact a worthless document once again introduced to pacify questioning masses.


Politicians flush with cars, cash and land; President worth €213,500 (Update 2)

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