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Learn how to become a digital nomad

Working from home while in some exotic paradise sounds like the dream. Yet there’s a lot more hard work and discipline to being a remote worker than the dreamy description people have associated with it. That’s why digital entrepreneur Ricco Mortensen has put together a course cracking the code on how to become a digital nomad and online entrepreneur.

Sound intriguing? As more and more people make the move into a location-independent profession having the freedom to work in global companies from the comfort of your home or a hotel abroad seems exciting. Ricco, experienced in the digital nomad world as he is one himself, will share the ups and downs of his personal journey as well as the practical challenges that arise with this lifestyle, in a seminar on August 27.

He will share his experiences and discuss exactly how he designed the entrepreneurial lifestyle of his dreams. How he’s done it, outsourced his life, and made his work mobile and global will all form part of the seminar. What’s more interesting and valuable to those seriously considering this work lifestyle is that Ricco will offer insights into legal and significant tax reduction especially relevant to digital nomads.

The seminar is divided into two parts: first, Ricco will lead a traditional seminar, then he’ll conduct a Q&A where participants can get into the nitty-gritty of being a digital nomad. If you can’t attend the August seminar, there is one every month. Follow the Ricco Mortensen Foundation Facebook Page for updates and details.


How to become a digital nomad and online entrepreneur

Seminar with Ricco Mortensen. August 27. Larnaca. 7pm-9pm. Follow the Ricco Mortensen Foundation Facebook Page for updates and details

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