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Rejuvenation of Nicosia such a good idea

I am a regular reader of Cyprus Mail

Here in the rainy UK, this morning I have read about the regeneration of a shopping street in the marvellous Nicosia area which I think is a great idea making it more appealing to a wider range of people especially looking at the architect’s proposal of the finished ide. It saddens me to read that the business owners are suffering as a result of this regeneration. This should not be the case. Has it not been thought to do the works during the night where there is no disruption to the shops and businesses and putting temporary access points in for normal business hours then the shops etc would not suffer as much as is stated in your article.

I love Cyprus and feel very much at home when I visit and plan to make the island my home one day. It will be nice to see regenerated areas but hoping that it has not been to the detriment to anyone especially in this day and age of science technology and finance.

David Allsopp

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