Cyprus Mail

Thank you for helping highlight Napa rape case

In your article (Cyprus Mail, August 7) I read why a young UK alleged rape victim’s legal rights to Cyprus state protections were and continue to be violated under several international treaty obligations, to include articles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and EU law. I agree.

Indeed, since Cyprus Mail has weighed in on police failures here, much greater press attention is needed now to focus on the Istanbul Convention.

A person over 18 years old is a woman not a ‘girl’ and this woman’s claim is credible, not a lie because she signed a confession drafted by Cyprus police while held in police custody and interrogated continuously for over eight hours, alone, without counsel, under duress, coerced.

Thank you Cyprus Mail for creating greater public awareness on what is the rule of law in Cyprus respecting state actors, judges and police obligations to expedite and enforce adequate protections for women which will prevent risk of harm, risk of injury as legal entitlements under the ECHR, ‘the Istanbul Convention’ and EU law in Cyprus.

I’m encouraged by the growing #GoFundMe donations for one woman to obtain counsel and access to justice.

Patricia M Martin, founder, One Woman At A Time (OWAAT) Cyprus

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