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A ‘no deal’ Brexit will have catastrophically dire consequences

”According to David Cameron, Cummings is a career psychopath and his ilk do not bluff.”

Brilliant. Especially in the context of being uttered by Cameron, probably the worst UK Prime Minister for the past 100 years and more. And who should know something about psychopathic tendencies given his lunatic and unexplained decision to call a straight YES/NO Brexit referendum in 2016.A question so complex and unpredictable whose consequences are still unknown, but certainly very destructive on what we have seen so far – more than three years after the infamous referendum. A question posed to the unprepared and unknowing masses that merely open the door for them to vote their prejudices, xenophobia, bigotry and eccentricities. Certainly not a referendum which was an open and shut case of YES/NO, given that just about no one could predict the consequences of a Brexit vote. By no stretch of the imagination can we state that this was an informed, knowledge based decision.

If what Alper hypothesizes here about a no deal Brexit by default whereby the incumbent Prime Minister is merely running down the clock is even a consideration, then we can add Boris Johnson to the gallery of psychopaths. And to the echelons of duplicitous, dishonest and corrupt charlatans we are so accustomed to in this place. To try force through a no deal Brexit without due democratic process and the catastrophically dire consequences such an event would trigger off for the country (including the possible secession of Scotland and Northern Ireland being opened up to the ”troubles” and IRA again) as well as to its economy, verges on treason.

If Boris persists with such a ”plan” which besides being legally unsound and lacking in genuine democratic values all so he can cling to the PM’s chair that he so clearly craves, he deserves to be despatched to the heap of traitors and failures by the Head of State. The very same democracy which was so prevalent and which expressed the will of the people (as the Brexiteers keep forcing down our mouths) in the Brexit referendum, cannot now be allowed to be destroyed by the current (dare we say, Byzantine) machinations of Boris and his gang of similarly minded expedients and charlatans. Greatly (and very negatively) influenced it seems, by that other ignorant buffoon across the Atlantic in the White House.

After all, and this is the worst insult we can pay them, is that they are acting with the EXACTLY same unthinking, brainless and irrational mindset as the buffoons and charlatans that pose as ”politicians” and ”leaders” here, in this dysfunctional place. And this will not do – not given the long and glorious history of the UK. As a confirmed Anglophile and admirer of British achievements,contribution to all aspects of human endevour and its long history, this commentator really hopes that common sense and logic will prevail. And accept that the UK’s interests are best served by retaining a close political and economic relationship with Europe. Surely it is a no brainer? To give up more than 50% of your trade, which is on your doorstep in exchange for vague and improbable alliances with far away places? Especially relying on the other psychopath, Trump, to deliver, in a matter of a few months a favourable deal when he is in a trade war with the rest of the world?

Thank you Alper for a very informed and hopeful piece. May common sense and rationality prevail over populism, expedience, self interest and the forces of xenophobia and bigotry.


Royal Peculiar to rescue queen from her government

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