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We are all paying the price for Cyprus’ tainted reputation

The source of the greatest harm to whatever ‘reputation’ that we once had, is ourselves and in all modes of commerce and social behavior.

In our scramble for a quick buck we have lost any respect that we might have had for ourselves and we are stupid enough to believe that we can conceal this from others outside this ‘Island Paradise’.

If you want to fix this Mr Official Spokesman, start here. Having done this all by ourselves, you can hardly not expect anyone who wants to to have a go at you (us) to use this.

BUT rememember we laid the fertile ground and at the highest levels of our society. So belt up and do something about it, but you won’t because that would be shooting yourself in the wrong foot, now wouldn’t it, because no doubt you are a current beneficiary.

I had three months of unpleasant existence as my quite legal and proper company was put through the mill and threatened with EU bank account closure because “Cyprus is a high risk jurisdiction”, so even the well behaved are tainted. I bet Pappadoc said that too!


Spokesman says a fact that others out to hurt our reputation (update 2)


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