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Breaking the Surface with Yorgos Papadopoulos

Throughout the summer season, exhibitions take a back seat and it is rare to find one opening at this time of year. Glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos, however, has brought his latest art project to Paphos in an exhibition that started in mid-August at Anassa Hotel.

Works with glass are usually soft, gentle and somewhat mesmerising, yet Papadopoulous’ approach to his medium is innovative and that’s what he is most known for. Instead of handling his fragile material with caution, he addresses it with violence often smashing it, shooting it, dropping it and anything else that will create breakages in the material.

“Glass is my canvas, hammers are my brushes,” he says. His 2004 book Lamination explains how he deforms, colours, and textures sheets of industrial glass and then re-laminates them, creating works that are surprisingly durable. In his new exhibition entitled Breaking the Surface, the artist showcases new works that exhibit literally broken surfaces along with works that signify his re-surfacing on the Cypriot art scene.

After spending two decades working from his home in North London, Papadopoulos has returned to his native country and set up a larger studio where he can explore new materials and scales and rethink Cypriot iconography. So, there are three kinds of work featured in the exhibition until September 22.

In his New Icons series Papadopoulos addresses the Orthodox icon through his innovative technique, using breakage to address how modernity confronts tradition. In his Stratified Jewels pieces he envisions the ‘matopetra’, the white and blue charms thought to keep the evil eye away and conceives them as conveyors of good. The rest of the pieces in the exhibition explore the notion of Nostros, a sort of homecoming by sea, expressing the artist’s own homecoming back to Cyprus.


Breaking the Surface

Exhibition by glass artist Yorgos Papadopoulos. Until September 22. Anassa Hotel, Paphos

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