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Call to get rid of plastic bags, balloons

Environmental organisation Let’s Make Cyprus Green is calling on the public to help ban unnecessary and harmful plastic by signing two petitions, Ban Balloons in Cyprus and Ban All Single-Use Plastic Carrier Bags in Cyprus.

The signatures will be presented to the government to support the organisation’s plea for the ban.

“A few cents extra to purchase a plastic bag simply isn’t enough,” Let’s Make Cyprus Green said. “Yes, we have seen a reduction in their use, which is excellent, but if there is anything else that this ‘ban’ has taught us, it is that people can live without plastic carrier bags. So, why not take it one step further by banning all single-use plastic carrier bags entirely?”

Regarding balloons, which are often released during celebrations, the organisation has this to say: “What goes up, must come down – and when it lands, the consequences can be deadly for wildlife and contribute to ocean pollution.”

As people can live without plastic bags, there can also be celebrations without balloons.

Those who would like to sign the petitions can do so here

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