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Parents welcome chance for private school students to attend state universities

By Gina Agapiou

A group representing parents of children at private schools welcomed on Wednesday the decision by state universities to accept students who have passed international exams for the first time this year.

The University of Cyprus (UCY) and Cyprus Institute of Technology (Tepak) said earlier this month they would offer places to students who have passed international examinations such as A levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB).

“We are very sorry that this year’s regulation is temporary and will not permanently resolve the long-standing injustice to a large number of students,” said the organisation, the Federation of Parents and Guardians of Private Schools.

The group said that most students choose to undertake international examinations and called on the state to resolve the injustice permanently since this will also improve the entry level of the state universities.

But the group congratulated the two state universities for establishing clear academic criteria to ensure a fair distribution of positions among all applicants, regardless of whether these were the results of international examinations or the state Pancyprian examinations.

Since this is the first academic year that students will be admitted with international examinations, they will be considered based on minimum criteria and the positions offered are limited, the universities announced earlier in the month.

Greek language proficiency is still a requirement for the entry in those public universities and their language level will be determined through IGCE/GCE or other equivalent examination.

The debate over allowing students with international qualifications to attend state universities has simmered for years. The universities have declared themselves in favour of admitting students with A levels and IB, but it has met with strong opposition from many politicians and state school teachers.

Enrollments for the University of Cyprus are taking place from Monday, August 19 until Friday, August 23 and for Cyprus Institute of Technology from September 2 until September 6.

For more information visit the University of Cyprus website:

And the Tepak website:


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