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Recycle plastics? I would love to, but how? 

While some may have ‘door-step collections’ what do the rest of us do? I had a bag of plastic waste in my car for a week, looking for a recycling bin in Limassol, I found …. none.

I have been told that a lot of the bins have been withdrawn. What on (this plastic-littered) earth, is going on?

While I’m on about waste, Limassol is an utter disgrace, the rubbish in the streets and over-flowing from private bins. Never mind the fact that this is a tourist island, we deserve better than this.

More recycling bins and more refuse collections, please.

On to another ‘pet grumble’: cars on pavements. If I see anyone in their car on a pavement, I confront them (unfortunately I’m limited to Greek or English): “pavements are for people”. I also printed some fliers to that effect, in both languages and put them on offending windscreens. The usual reaction is: “I can’t find anywhere else to park” or “I’ll only be 5 mins.” Occasionally I get an apology. Humph! If all cars illegally parked were fined, we’d be rich beyond anything the problematic gas would bring us.

More traffic wardens, please.

Why do we not treat this country and citizens with the respect they deserve, enabling us all to walk on clean, car-free pavements?

Penny Douglas, Limassol



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