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Once bitten, twice shy

Higher fines will definitely help to reduce road accidents and bad driving behavior.

While I was living in Switzerland some years ago, I was driving 30 kilometers above speed limit. I was caught by a camera and had to pay 900 Swiss francs penalty plus 1 month suspension of my driving license.

Guess what. Never drove above the speed limit again.


COM went a step further and suggested that Cyprus adopts the Scandinavian model when it comes to fines.

Penalties need to be painful, and therefore related to a person’s financial means.

What’s the point of fining the wealthy driver of an expensive sports car just €100 (despite the arguments that sports car are safe at high speed)?

The Scandinavian model is well worth looking at …. there, fines are a percentage of a person’s income, plus points and bans, and it’s not unheard of for rich folk to pay 5-figure fines !!!

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