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It’s no publicity stunt, Ozersay means business

I recently returned from Turkey’s highly popular resort of ‘Antalya’, where many of its largest business owners (MIGROS, Falez, and BARUT in particular) were excited and in the waiting to invest heavily in what they called ‘The Miami it Famagusta’.

In essence, they were referring to the opportunity in establishing their interests in opening, or converting, some of its (Varosha’s) hotels into lucrative casinos.

As you may or may not know, due to Turkey not being able to harbour or establish casinos, the occupied north has become their offshore haven for casinos, which is huge business in the tourism industry.

Thus, Kudret Ozersay knows very well where his funding for the renovation of those hotels will be coming from and will not stop until he sees it through. This is no publicity stunt believe you me. Varosha will be reopened, and the only thing that can stop it is if Anastasiades suddenly gets serious and agrees to a solution – quickly!


Famagusta municipality riled by Özersay’s Varosha ‘publicity stunt’

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