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People should not let their dogs roam free

On Wednesday the August 21, I received a frantic call for help from a friend who lives nearby.

Both of us assist homeless cats with food. She had gone down that morning to feed her regulars when two dogs cornered a female cat that had two small kittens in a space from which she couldn’t escape.

One caught her by the head, the other by the back legs and they pulled at her as though she were a rag doll cracking her spine.

My friend, a fellow pensioner who recently suffered a back injury, couldn’t intervene. Luckily, a man who witnessed what happened chased off the dogs and offered to take us to a vet as neither of us drive. The cat was humanely euthanized and released from her pain.

My friend, however, was terribly disturbed by the way in which the unfortunate animal she cared for died. The dogs, she said, were not wild or unkempt but rather well-groomed and of good breed that someone had allowed to run free possibly because they were too lazy to walk them.

One good point is that the kits are big enough to survive without their mother. The second is that a complete stranger, a man I know only by his first name, Nicos who has a photography studio in Pallouriotissa and is an animal lover, went out of his way to show such kindness and consideration.

Owners should not allow dogs to roam free. Sadly, they do and the result is often what I described above.

Colette Ni Reamonn Ioannidou, Nicosia


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