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Three recognised for contribution to Cyprus

President Nicos Anastasiades on Tuesday awarded Medals of Excellence for Service to the Republic to three prominent men as a sign of recognition and appreciation for their valuable contribution to the country.

Anastasiades said that Dr Andreas Pittas, Professor Kostas N Papanikola and veteran politician Nicos Rolandis’ contribution was visible “at national, political, humanitarian, social and scientific level.”

Pittas, Anastasiades said, has contributed greatly to the country through his innovative spirit and way of thinking, as a medical scientist and as a pharmacologist. His remarkable business course is directly linked to the creation of his own drug industry which is leading in its field.

“It is worth pointing out that the intense export activity developed by Mr Pittas’ company has benefited the Cypriot economy and has proved to be one of the best ambassadors of Cypriot entrepreneurship in the international community,” Anastasiades said. He added that, among other things, Dr Pittas is active in locating and repatriating stolen cultural treasures.

Professor Papanikola was awarded for his contribution to nuclear, particle and medical physics, energy policy, research and innovation. Papanikola has helped in the development of research and innovation in Cyprus and secured more than €7.5m during the last eight years in funding for 14 research programmes. He also contributed to the inclusion of Cyprus in the European Organization for Nuclear Research, (CERN).

Rolandis, who served during his long political career in a number of posts, has always put as a priority the national interest, Anastasiades said. During his stint as minister of commerce in 1998 he worked for the delimitation of the Republic’s exclusive economic zone and the creation of the legal framework for the exploitation of the island’s natural wealth.

During his service as foreign minister Rolandis “did his utmost to strengthen Cyprus’ friendship and cooperation” with other countries, Anastasiades said.

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