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Why companies should partner with executive search agencies

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Building a great business needs great people. Especially when it comes to senior executive positions, hiring someone less than perfect can have disastrous consequences on the bottom line. So, you can only gain from investing in an executive search agency to fill your top slots with the best talent.

What is an Executive Search Agency?

In contrast to regular contingency recruiters, an executive search agency specialises in sourcing candidates of the highest order specifically for executive positions. They extend an in-depth understanding of the client’s requirements rather than simply maximising the number of resumes received.

These agencies help with writing job descriptions and conduct detailed interviews to bring the best of the lot to the client. On the other hand, they are also great for executives looking to make a move. There are several scenarios in which working with an executive search agency will take you the extra mile.

  1. Long-Term Employees

Regular recruitment agencies measure their success based on the number of candidates hired. But executive search agencies’ success depends on the longevity of candidates. Therefore, they hunt down the ideal employee with the potential for long-term contribution to the company.

  1. Scarcity of In-House Resources

Executive search agencies are well-informed about industry dynamics. This makes them the best option to turn to if you have exhausted your company networks for possible referrals. Moreover, scanning through CVs requires dedicated time and skills. Since these firms assess CVs every day, they know exactly what to look for in one.

  1. CXO Hiring

You might have just created a new position to strengthen your C-Suite. Now imagine the implications of a bad hire on your much-deliberated decision. Some positions, especially new ones, are too important to not invest in. Executive search agencies have a deep understanding of the rare mix of skills needed to fill a new C-Suite position, which may be outside your area of expertise.

  1. Introducing Diversity

Most companies suffer due to senior leadership that is not truly representative. Working with an executive search agency allows you to create a level playing field for candidates from all backgrounds. It will also help you have a succession plan in place so that you always find the right people to replace the old.

  1. Cost and Time-Effective Hiring

Outsourcing your hiring process to an executive search agency saves your HR department from being inundated with resumes. This leaves your company with time to focus on core business functions and keep the revenue streams flowing.

If you rest assured with your company’s HR department or internal committee hiring senior-level executives you might be losing out on the vast networks, objective approach and the specialised skills of an executive search agency. So if a stellar C-Suite is your aim, partner with expert and experienced executive search firms like Randstad.

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