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Spiritual workshop connects healing with colour

What spiritual healing and colour have in common may not be that clear to all, yet young psychic medium Giorgos Papageorgiou sees a deep connection between the two and wants to share it during his upcoming workshop on September 15 at Akasha Centre in Nicosia.

Entitled ‘Spiritual Art & Healing with Colour’, Giorgos and art teacher and Psychic Medium Angelina Paraliki invite curious minds “to experience the communion of their souls through meditative and healing practices while exploring their spiritual potential”.

The workshop is all about connecting to the soul within and healing the human to allow for successful integration and expression of the two in daily life. By playing with colour in practical exercises and creating psychic soul connections with each other participants will get to explore and develop their own psychic abilities as well.

Via Giorgos’ own journey with spiritual truths and developing as a medium, he found that the true path of connecting to the Soul is through the unconscious mind. “Through my spiritual work, I’ve often found colour and creativity to be good triggers for that dive into the spiritual unknown that is unconscious and beyond in order to eventually connect to our spiritual selves,” he says.

“Colour,” he adds “is a great way to be inspired into a place of connection, in order to bridge that gap between the human and the soul, and to then allow for the healing and integration process to take place. This is the reason why I believe that there is a direct link between our ability to visualise and create, the unconscious mind and our eventual connection to the spiritual self and why creativity through colour is the focus of this workshop.”

September 15 will be a new kind of gateway into spiritual healing using creativity and art to unleash thoughts and emotions and connect within. Between Giorgos’ soulful teachings and Angelina’s spiritual art approach, the workshop will be one of deep connection, growth and internal listening.

“Angelina has developed her own unique language of transformational symbols that she illustrates and interprets for people as part of her readings, offering them healing and guidance along their path,” says Giorgos. “Having travelled the world with her work as a psychic reader and spiritual teacher, she has a lot to offer anyone looking for guidance on how to develop their own connection and psychic reading skills. I’m very blessed to be teaching and growing alongside her!”

Apart from colour, the workshop will include some demonstrations of Giorgos and Angelina’s work. These will give participants some personal guidance and illustrated takeaways from the day. The day will close with an experimental Trance Healing demonstration for the entire group from Giorgos and his Spirit team on the other side, allowing people the opportunity to experience the presence and love of the Spirit Guides for themselves.

Although having run numerous workshops in the past, the key difference of Giorgos’ upcoming one is how deeply esoteric and soulful it aims to be. Having experienced growth in his understanding of the Spirit world and his connection to the soul within, this workshop aims to facilitate a similar experience for those attending.

“I hope people will leave feeling forever changed and hopefully have a Spiritual perception shift by deepening their connection to their own spirituality while sharing in the energetic space created within the group. We are all a part of each other’s development and if the person sitting next to you grows even a little by the energy you have shared with them, then I will consider my workshop to have been successful!”

The workshop is open to anyone over 18 who is willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Attendees will be provided with colour pastels and necessary art material yet bringing their own is encouraged, as long as it is not paint.

It is important to note that participants should bring their own lunch as only cold tea and some light snacks will be served during the day. Finally, seeing as the workshop is nearly halfway full, it is recommended to book your spot by calling 99-034898.


Spiritual Art & Healing with Colour

Workshop with psychic medium Giorgos Papageorgiou and psychic reader/spiritual teacher Angelina Paraliki on connecting with the soul and spirit through colouring and art. September 15. Akasha Centre, Nicosia. 9am-4pm. €60 paid at the door. 20 people only. Pre-booking is essential. Tel: 99-034898

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