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Unfortunately everyone is focused on the quick profit

Nine German tourists were killed in a terrorist attack in Istanbul

By its very nature tourism is cyclical.

The countries competing with Cyprus like Egypt , Tunisia, Turkey were subject to terrorist attacks which impacted greatly on tourism in those countries . Cyprus was the beneficiary. With these countries ‘fighting back ‘ for their market share did Cyprus do anything to fend them off .

It would appear the same old mantra prevails ‘maximum profit for minimum input ‘ , if the numbers fall put up the price to maintain profit margins .

Was there a concerted effort to entice people to come to Cyprus , no evidence to suggest that . It would appear to be more of the same . Cyprus has the potential to offer alternative eco based holidays but everyone is focused on the quick buck.

It’s not just Cyprus, but a lot of tourist destinations are ‘killing the goose that lays the golden egg ‘ at least Cyprus is not openly hostile to tourists, unlike parts of Spain and Italy .

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