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Boris has boxed himself into a a dark corner

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson visits Darnford Farm in Darnford, Banchory near Aberdeen, Scotland, Britain September 6, 2019. Andrew Milligan/Pool via REUTERS

An excellent piece by Alper Ali Riza.

Which goes right to the heart of the matter. That the clown prince of British politics, Boris Johnson, has really made a catastrophic mess of things. And that he has boxed himself into a a dark corner with his mindless shenanigans from which there is no honorable escape.

All that Boris has achieved in his six weeks or so as prime minister is to reaffirm that he is an obsessive, and ultimate, liar. And that he really does not have a brain between his ears. Nor does he have any clue nor plan on the way forward to extricate Britain out of the mess he and his similarly minded ‘politicians’ have created.

He has deliberately avoided ANY semblance of real negotiations with the EU on the best way Brexit can be achieved. For the benefit of the country as a whole and not just his hardcore conservative party supporters. In fact, his latest antics have turned the conservative party into the British (ultra) Nationalist (fascist?) Party. By choosing a cabinet that is more right wing than even Farage’s collection of unthinking Brexit charlatans. And has turned criminal recklessness and irresponsibility into a science.

This ‘brilliant’ Etonian and Oxford graduate has adopted a negotiating ‘strategy’ akin to that of a desperate man climbing to the 102nd floor of the Empire State building and threatening the other side that he will jump unless they meet his demands.

This is the extent of this self centred, self absorbed charlatan’s intellectual capability and logic. As well as his limitless buffoonery and out of touch mindset which is so insulting and an affront to all thinking Britons.

They must all be cringing with embarrassment to have this lying vandal as their PM at their most critical juncture in their history since 1939.


The week that battered Johnson

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