Cyprus Mail

Only Greece and Turkey can break the deadlock

Greek PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan

This editorial summarizes what many of us have been saying and writing for a very long time.

Furthermore, the final sentence says it all, namely that the U.N. have become very much part of the problem. In recent years we’ve had Downer and Eide tripping about and we’ve had to witness Lute doing the same for months. The end result of all these shenanigans being the two leaders not even able to agree to the wretched terms of reference to get the talks back on track. Not that the talks would be going anywhere anyway as the positions of both sides are well known and neither are prepared to compromise.

All in all, this predictable outcome has been yet another sop to the intelligence of us mere mortals and the U.N. are instrumental in dragging out this ongoing charade.

As a few of us have stated, the GCs and TCs will NEVER agree to anything on their own. Only Greece and Turkey will ultimately break this logjam and that’s where any potential solution lies. IF and WHEN that occurs, they’ll then tell their recalcitrant ‘children’ how it’s going to be. The U.N. should therefore concentrate their efforts in this direction instead of wasting precious time with the ‘minnows’ on the island. Cyprus is an independent country in name only: the reality is somewhat different. It’s an outpost of Greece and Turkey with the added ‘bonus’ of being financially beholden to the EU.

Time for the U.N. to radically change tack and cease pussyfooting around.


Our View: The leaders are only committed to the process, not the results

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