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Private doctors suggest ways they could enter Gesy

The Private Doctors’ Association (Enik) presented on Monday a series of measures that could be taken ensure that all doctors and private hospitals participate in Gesy.

The group suggested abolishing the GP and specialist doctors’ lists so that patients can freely choose the doctor and hospital they prefer.

This would create conditions of healthy competition between doctors for the good of the public and the remuneration of the doctors would be in proportion to their work.

It said that some patients are now paying double because if the doctor of their choice does not participate in Gesy they are forced to pay either privately or have medical insurance.

The basic requirement would be a strict control mechanism so that there was no exploitation of the system.

“The fees will be agreed upon and fixed either for outpatient or inpatient services according to international medical protocols and rules,” Enik said.

“We propose separating doctor and hospital fees and setting medical rates,” Enik said, arguing that whether a co-payment will be needed would depend on how well the Health Insurance Organisation did its calculations.

“If it did the right checks and programming no co-payments would be necessary.”

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