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Congratulations to the school children who stood up to racism

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Normally I think ‘Our View’ is a well written piece and usually I agree with it – but today I am disappointed.

I have nothing but praise for the schoolkids who stood up to racism, even when coming from the highest figure in their school.

Children in Cyprus have been brainwashed in the past to be sheep and not think for themselves. Kudos to them for collectively standing up for what is right.

Imagine if the Germans in the 1930s had stopped the degeneration into hell by speaking up sooner.


M had a slightly different approach

While I somewhat agree with your point, I do believe that the behaviour of teenagers is indeed very disrespectful and I’ve seen it in many public occasions. They seem to lack fear of authority and in turn, grow up arrogant and disrespectful.

Our View: Who’s running the education system because it’s not the ministry?


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