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Youngster should not be hailed as a hero

Lysi church

Two thousand original residents visited their old church for a service and were warmly received by the current Turkish Cypriot residents. What a wonderful coming together of our communities.

Nothing should be taken away from this by the act of this young lad.

Many must know who this young person is as his age has been disclosed which means that people know who this is. The flag and frame of Dektash should be returned and the young person should offer an apology for his actions.

Imagine if this was the other way round, and a Turkish Cypriot came across to the Greek side and stole a Cypriot/Greek flag. There would be an outcry from the Greek side and rightly so.

The last thing we want to do is hail this lad as a hero as this would lead to copycat acts from the Greek side and revenge acts from the Turkish side. This could lead to huge problems if these youngsters are caught (or worse).

The sensible thing to do here is to return the items and offer an apology.

If not then, the Turkish side may be reluctant in the future to open Greek churches in the north for original residents to visit and that would be sad.


Greek Cypriot teen stole Turkish flag from Lysi school during church service

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