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Churchill once said that “Jaw jaw is better than war war”, in Cyprus there is neither

The confrontational comments on this thread mirror the political establishment.

Backwards and forwards, accusation and counter-accusation, you did this and you did that. Mindless.

And tomorrow or the day after there’ll be another article and the same round of puerile stuff will be regurgitated.

If it makes people feel better, yes, the Turkish army committed rapes and killed prisoners, yes, EOKA B murdered TC villagers in various locations, yes, the Greek coup was illegal, yes, the Turkish army should possibly have reinstalled Makarios and sailed away into the sunset. But we are where we are.

And why is all this tripe being wheeled out just about every day? Because the respective Cypriot political establishments don’t have the necessary statesmanship to make things happen. To a lesser or greater extent, each side is dependent on Greece and Turkey. And each side refuses to compromise. Instead they run off to the U.N. knowing full well that this is a futile exercise.

I take issue with the opening sentence of the penultimate paragraph of this otherwise hard-hitting yet depressing editorial.

There ARE ‘easy answers’ if the politicians apply themselves. Compromise is the key. If only they would grasp this basic principle, get on with it and put us all out of our collective misery. There’s certainly a fundamental problem. Churchill once said that “Jaw jaw is better than war war.” In the Cypriot context not only is there is no ‘war, there’s no ‘jaw’.


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