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Exhibition honours engraving masters

The Hambis Printmaking Museum honours two pioneering teachers of engraving in elementary education, Errico and Maroulla Philippou, in an exhibition opening on Saturday. At the same time the museum will exhibit works of 20 modern engraving teachers in primary and pre-primary education.

The exhibition will remain open until October 13 during the opening hours of the museum. Chloe Stylianou, the couple’s daughter, donated to the museum a chest full of her parents’ engraving tools and items. These include engraving materials, 34 stamps with decorative motifs, people and landscapes, words, numbers and letters, elements of nature and two notebooks where some prints, single or repeated, are printed for more complex printing. These can be viewed during the exhibition either in the chest or in glass showcases.

“My parents and especially my father,” writes Chloe, “weren’t just lovers of engraving and the arts in general, my father as a teacher had consciously and consistently tried to teach his young students the love of our folk tradition, art in all its form and manifestation and the technique of engraving.”

The exhibition also features stamped printed works by retired teacher Sotirias Pyla. Besides that, it includes engravings of 20 more teachers with linography, woodcuts, engravings, calligraphies and silkscreens. These teachers, who have served or are serving in kindergartens and elementary schools, have learned the art of engraving at the Hambis Printmaking Museum over the past 24 years. Some are recognised today among the island’s best engravers.


Honouring the Engraving Master

Exhibition honouring master engraving teachers Errico and Maroulla Philippou and includes works by Sotirias Pyla and 20 other teachers who learned the art the museum. September 14-October 13. Hambis Printmaking Museum, Platanisteia. Wednesday-Sunday: 10am-1pm and 4pm-6pm. Tel: 25-222772

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