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Greek parliament president praises close cooperation with Cyprus

President of the Greek parliament Konstantinos Tasoulas addressing the House on Friday

The constant and close coordination between the Cypriot and the Greek parliaments highlights the joint effort to find a solution for the Cyprus problem, the president of the Greek parliament Konstantinos Tasoulas said during his official visit to Nicosia on Friday.

“We have made it clear to all involved parties that there is no solution without the complete withdrawal of the occupying troops,” he said while addressing the House of Representatives

“The enduring goal of our efforts, which we want to make clear to the entire international community, is to restore the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus.”
Tasoulas also said in his speech that Turkey’s contempt of law on the international stage is well-known and long established.
“Bearing this in mind,” he said “it goes without saying that the political leadership of Greece, as well as its people, are on Cyprus’ side and they will continue to express their unyielding support.”

“The two governments of Greece and Cyprus, with the latest deepening of their contacts, are striving to achieve the best possible outcome, of course through an unacceptably continuing and intensifying Turkish provocation,” Tassoulas concluded.


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