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Brexiteers were fooled

I hear constantly the Brexiteers saying that they want to implement the will of the people as expressed in the referendum on Brexit .A  documentary called the Great Hack recently aired on TV showed how the will of the people was manipulated by the employment of a company called Cambridge Analytica. Whistleblowers at a senior level revealed to the British Select Committee of MPs their role in this process.

Essentially. they fooled Facebook in acquiring their massive database of voters, determined who the floaters were by the use of questionnaires and then bombarded these people with constant fake news to prey on their fears and insecurities, to get them to vote for Brexit.

These tactics have been used previously all over the world and they have proven successful in getting the results they want. The UKIP party employed Cambridge Analytica and they got the result they wanted.

The Trump campaign afterwards similarly employed this company and we all know the outcome. This company utilised Facebook data and other techniques illegally to determine the elections. As many of you may know as these facts emerged, this company has been forced into liquidation. This does not mean that other unscrupulous companies will not employ the same techniques to determine elections.

Without the use of these illegal techniques therefore the referendum on Brexit would probably have gone the other way, The Remainers would have won and Britain and the world would have been spared the mess that we are now in.

Additionally, many people now accept that they did not vote for the particular agreement that has emerged, nor for a no-deal split from Europe.

Andy Georgiou, Paphos

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