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Ethnografilm festival comes to Nicosia

Ethnografilm Nicosia, a collaboration between the University of Cyprus and the Home for Cooperation, brings a selection of films from the Ethnografilm Annual Festival in open-air screenings to the UN Buffer Zone. It welcomes the participation of filmmakers, critics and spectators from all communities across the island. The festival aspires to provoke thinking and deliberation and import knowledge that enhances understanding on global as well as local conditions of living and cohabiting.

Ethnografilm is a festival that celebrates the field of video ethnography, serving as a showcase for work and a forum for dialogue between independent and academic documentary filmmakers. Marked by its contemporary relevance and broad intellectual range, the objective of Ethnografilm is to promote the examination of cultures as well as social issues, describing ‘patterns of living’ throughout the world to educate and entertain.

So, on September 27 and 28, eight films will be screened, three on the first day and five on the second. The productions come from all over the world – Peru, India, Germany and Senegal are some and among them is a Cypriot-Filipino collaboration. Many of the films are short, lasting from 20 to 70 minutes and can be enjoyed for free.


Ethnografilm Nicosia Festival

Film festival screening short films from Peru, Mozambique, Germany and other countries. September 27-28. Home for Cooperation, Nicosia. 8pm-11.30pm. Free

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