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Just not enough information

About a decade ago you ran an article stating that the government had decreed that it was no longer illegal to have instructions for medicines printed in English as well as Greek. Why it would have been illegal, I have no idea but there you go.

Since then I haven’t seen any instructions in a dual language and I’m curious as to know why not. “One to be taken three times a day” written on a label by the pharmacist, might be fine most of the time but often this is just not enough information.  If my toothbrush can have instructions on the packet in five languages one would think that instructions for potentially lethal drugs would have at least one alternative. After all, Greek is only spoken in Cyprus and, er, Greece.

It could be reasonably argued that after so many years I should have learned the bloody language however this is certainly not the case for hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors for whom English is most likely to be the only common language understood. It also cannot be assumed that visitors have easy computer access.


Robert Brew, Paralimni

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