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Hero or villiain?

Video still of the CCTV footage of the teen stealing the flag

The boy, whose name has been released by the media, vandalised school property.

He would be expelled had he been a student of that school. As a guest, he should be admonished. Nothing heroic about pranks, only contemptible. What nobody seems to care about is ‘TRNC’ refusing permission to worship at Lysi church in the future.

The boy’s mindlessness has served no purpose. Now, should he return the flag and picture, apologise for his prank, he’d win respect from both sides. His parents should pay damages and teach their son the meaning of the words, respect and best behaviour, hugely lacking in schools nowadays.


ET though had a somewhat different approach

Respect? Respect to the symbol of the invaders of his country?
Respect to the symbol of those who kicked his family out of their homes?
Respect is deserved to the symbol of the Turkish nation in many places but not in the place that the symbol stands for brutality and ethnic cleansing by expelling the legal residents of that village.

Respect from you as well should be shown to the real owners of the properties in the village. Not to expect them to show respect to the “authorities” of the north in order to allow them to visit their church and the vandalised sacred places.

But, because the usual suspects will ‘attack ‘ me for criticising the ‘authority’ in the north as extreme, here is how the now ‘resident’ of Lysi finished her welcome to the legal GC owners.

“Welcome. I ask for your forgiveness because I live in your village, in your home, without your permission.”

ps The whole speech and apology to the Lysiotes was posted by me two days ago as a comment under the article: Greek Cypriot teen stole Turkish flag from Lysi school during church service.It can also be found on FB page of Mehtap Cardak.

Hopefully she will not be accused of spoiling the good climate etc….

Tales from the coffeeshop: Courageous defiance or plain teenage silliness?

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