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Varosha will be colonised sooner rather than later

The old clubhouse of Famagusta Nautical Club with the old Florida hotel in the centre

Any sensible Cypriot knows that the terms of reference and the supposed resumption of the talks are another masquerade. After Crans Montana, there is not much hope for the parties to proceed to the indispensable, mutual compromises and reach a settlement, at least in the near future.

And any sensible Famagustan knows that in the absence of a comprehensive settlement, Varosi is bound to be colonised and Turkified, sooner or later.

The timing chosen by Mr Cavusoglu to announce the Turkish plan has multiple purposes. It serves a show of muscle flexing and determination, aimed at strengthening nationalism in the north, supporting Mr Ozersay, weakening Mr Akinci, dividing and confusing the GCs and more importantly warning them indirectly of worse and more dangerous developments if they continue to unilaterally exploit the hydrocarbons, excluding the TCs and Turkey from the East Mediterranean energy plans. Ultimately, Famagusta per se is obviously not one of the main concerns of Turkey. The hydrocarbon wealth, her participation and share are.

And yes ,it’s unfair and hurts Famagustans’ sensitivity. But do politicians in general serve fairness? Have the victors of a war ever treated the defeated with fairness and sensitivity? Moreover, we should take into account that Famagusta was given by the Turks and rejected, thanks to the ‘patriotic” consciousness of the lachrymose GC president.

The sense of impartiality on both sides of the divide seems to be a rarity, because in this part of the world, for historical and cultural reasons the majority identify with their ethnic and religious group.

Nostalgia, a Greek word from the Homeric nostos and algos pertinently describes the feelings of all the uprooted in the world. A measured word without the least sentimentalism. But the homecoming will never happen to Famagustans and perhaps we should accept the loss in the dignified Cavafean manner.
”Don’t degrade yourself with empty hopes.
As one long prepared and graced with courage
Listen with deep emotion, but not
with the whining, the pleas of a coward,
and say goodbye to her to the (Alexandria) Famagusta you are losing..”

Thank you Mr Riza for this article and your empathetic understanding.


The bitter sweet nostalgia of Varosha

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