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Frederick University at the forefront of sustainability efforts

Frederick University is planting 500 new trees for greening our country and tackling climate change.

Frederick University has decided to include in the start of the new academic year the planting of 500 new seedlings to contribute to environmental protection and sustainability efforts.

This action, called ‘Let’s Grow Together: A Frederick University Tree Planting Initiative’, aims at actively engaging and raising awareness of the entire university community in tree planting campaigns. In addition to the environmental aspect of the action, each tree will symbolise the future development and flowering of each new student both individually and as a group as a member of a more promising generation for tomorrow’s world.

The trees will be planted within the academic year at a date and location indicated by the department of forests. The university welcomes the various citizen initiatives related to tree planting and declares its readiness to contribute to any effort.

Frederick University has developed and implemented over time a strategy for environmental education, both formal and non-formal, to involve the wider community.

As a result, this the university was also awarded the first Cyprus Education Leaders Awards 2019. The strategy, ‘Green responsibility: training and learning for the environment’ is being developed as a network of contributors, mentors and educators and is implemented through innovative curricula, research, innovation, volunteering, policies, infrastructures and collaborations.

The vision of Frederick University is to help, through integrated and multilevel educational interventions, programmes and actions, creatively and effectively to shape a civil society that will contribute to protecting the environment and improving quality of life.

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