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Pavements are effectively impassable for a wheelchair user

Traffic police and wardens have other priorities – do the least to charge the most.

Until govt/police seeks fines to fit the crime and enforces them, car users will continue to park wherever and however they want. Clamp them, tow them away, fine them heftily, etc. have yet to come to Cyprus Republic.

Street patrols in search of illegal parking are woefully inadequate. Pavements are destroyed by SUV’s, delivery vans, builders lorries, cement mixers and taxis. Town drivers are anarchists. Their selfish behaviour goes unpunished.

Bankster and politician mindset has become ubiquitous – do want you like with impunity.


and EoC takes a jibe at the police spokesperson’s comment…

Police spokesperson: “Drivers think they can park anywhere they like which makes it hard for the police to monitor them . . . “.
Surely it makes it EASY for the police to monitor them. They are quite obviously parked illegally. They are on the damn pavement.

Illegally parked cars should be towed away, say wheelchair users after fatal accident

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