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Cyprus needs to improve its tourist product

Sun and beautiful beaches are not enough nowadays to attract tourists

I like coming to Cyprus for a holiday, however all points are valid.

Two years ago I travelled for a client to a hotel in Protaras, the money people paid to go to this hotel was exorbitant. The value was minimal, customer service was non existent and the rooms were below par of what would be expected, needless to say this was not in the following years brochure.

However, the point that has been made is that Cyprus is too greedy for what you get ‘bang for buck’ you can go elsewhere for better. The fact that I can travel to Spain, Portugal and even the USA for less I would prefer to do that if I had to than sit on a flight for 5 hours from the UK to come to a below expectations hotel.

People are taking shorter vacations and are booking themselves rather than booking packages which is part of the problem Tui and Thomas Cook have. Brexit is a concern but it is not an overriding factor, consumers are noticing and expecting better quality and value. They are becoming more discerning and while the Spanish holiday industry woke up to the issues years ago in Cyprus they haven’t. Even Greece has better quality stays and value.

Spain is still the largest market for the UK, followed by France. However, as another person pointed out, marketing has never been a strong point. We are now getting adverts for Tel Aviv for holidays from the UK.


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