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Nasa chief casts doubt on 2024 moon landing by astronauts

It's been 50 years since the US became the first country to land men on the Moon. The Apollo 11 mission was a huge moment in US and world history

A top Nasa manager has cast doubt on the space agency’s ability to land astronauts on the moon by 2024.

Kenneth Bowersox, acting associate administrator for human exploration, told a Congressional subcommittee on Wednesday that Nasa is doing its best to meet the White House-imposed deadline.

But he says he would not bet anything on it.

Bowersox – a former space shuttle and space station commander – says it is good for Nasa to have “that aggressive goal”.

He says many things need to come together, like funding and technical challenges, for 2024 to stand a chance.

And he acknowledges there is a lot of risk in making that date.

The Trump administration urged Nasa in March to accelerate its moon-landing plans by four years to 2024.

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