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New study involving Cypriot scientists could pave way for new heart drug

A new study by Cypriot and Greek scientists paves the way for a new drug treatment for cardiovascular disease, it was announced on Thursday.

The research, led by Cypriot Professor of Cardiology Charalambos Antoniades and published in the American journal ‘Science Translational Medicine’, sheds light on the relationship between obesity and atherosclerosis.

The study of obese patients with atherosclerosis revealed for the first time that tissue used for the storage of fat releases substances that can trigger or aggravate blood vessel conditions associated with cardiovascular disorders.

This will illuminate the hitherto poorly understood link between obesity, a known cardiovascular risk factor, and arterial pathogenesis, which may help scientists find new treatments for cardiovascular and metabolic diseases such as coronary artery disease, a common consequence of atherosclerosis.

“While we have known for many years that obesity is associated with a high risk for strokes, it remains unknown how fat in our bodies can cause so much damage to our vessels,” Antoniades commented.

Future efforts by scientists, he said, will be focused on developing a drug that can prevent the devastating effects of obesity.

“However, we must all fight obesity, the proven way to prevent heart attacks and strokes.”

The research was conducted at Oxford University hospital with the help of 1,004 volunteers.

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