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Stephen Barclay’s comments spark heated debate with strongly differing views

It’s the governments job to get a deal with the EU , it’s Parliaments job to accept or reject that deal.

No amount of your bleeting can or will change that.

The government has so far completed its task once and is now setting about completing it a second time. Your assertion that it’s upto the government whether we leave with a deal or not , is proven to be factually incorrect. The government has secured a deal.

The electorate decided to leave , the government did a deal , Parliament rejected it. You just can’t argue with that.
It happened.

Parliament also refused to allow a general election or a second referendum.


To which GE replied…

You keep repeating the same arguments over and over again and I’m beginning to suspect you must be in the pay of Dominic Cummings whose political strategy based on either repeating lies or repeating misinformation.

It’s the Government’s job to get a deal that is acceptable to the majority of MP’s. This it has clearly failed to do.

Everyone who campaigned for Leave other than Farage claimed they wanted a deal and still claim they want a deal. They need to come up with one that will command a majority in the Commons. This, the Tory government has repeatedly failed to do. May, because she refused to talk to Labour until it was too late and Johnson is failing because no one trusts him about wanting a deal.

What is a “fact” for you is not a “fact” for someone else. “Facts” are open to interpretation if they cannot be backed by the testability and verifiability of science.

Look up Karl Popper. He’s the backbone of 20th century conservative ideology. You claim to be a Conservative but all you ever do is post how bad Labour is. An ideology you have less than a passing acquaintance with.



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