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Elderly should try and adapt to modern times

At an ATM you can both withdraw as well as deposit money

‘In some cases, they said, the communities in question are so small that they do not even have a single pharmacy or a supermarket, meaning residents have to travel to nearby villages’

Our village co-op was the main bank for 22 small villages, it was profitable, had an ATM and literally 100s of elderly and others used it. We were given 2 weeks notice by Hellenic it was closing and the nearest bank is now 30kms away with no transport available!
Most elderly have no internet access and are suffering from this decision, however, no one is listening; roll on the next election!


Pc though countered DR’s argument

How do you know it was profitable? Hellenic does not publish profitability numbers per branch. Given that the COOP effectively went bust I doubt it was profitable.

Why do the elderly not have access to internet? And why not use the ATM? With an ATM you can deposit and withdraw money. And then there is of course telephone banking where you can arrange all other things, like cheque books, new passes, etc.

People need to show some flexibility. My parents who are well into their 70s know how to do all these things.

What will a new election do? HB is a private bank. The government can’t prescribe it how to run its business.

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