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Absolute tosh

The piece by Andy Geogiou published in Letters to the Editor on Sunday 15th is absolute tosh. The manipulation of the public was by the arrogant Remain side who thought the public were too stupid to see through the carefully disguised descent into a Federal Europe with no democratic content.
The EU is an evil construct of Coudenhove Kalergi who desired the destruction of the individual European states and the virtual enslavement of the races of Europe within an autocracy which could never be challenged. Those people would then have their dignity, heritage and form destroyed by immigration, which is what we are now seeing.
The British people would still vote leave today. The opinion polls are exactly as they were before the freedom referendum which we were told would be once and final.
The only reason Brexit is a mess is because the never-had-a-job, Marxist politicians in Parliament have deliberately made it a mess.

Geoffrey Evans, Peyia


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