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Empty towers and marinas full of parked yachts. How wonderful.

I’d like to comment on your story on the soon-to-be-built Paralimni marina (September 15), as well as the comment it brought from a reader calling themselves ‘The Magoo’.

The reader pointed out that most of the existing marinas are full or almost full, and concluded that “the island can take more marinas”. The explanation given is partly that “Cyprus is seen as a good winter holding up place” for yachts from nearby countries.

It’s no surprise that marinas are being built because there’s demand for marinas. That’s just common sense. My question is, how does this demand benefit the island at large? Especially since we’re destroying our beaches in order to meet it.

If Cyprus becomes a place where absent yacht owners park their yachts for the winter, how does that benefit anyone except the owners of the marinas? Why should a common good (the beach) be destroyed to benefit a handful of people? This seems more like short-term gain, along the lines of the towers being built for passport-seeking foreigners who probably won’t even live there. Empty towers and marinas full of parked yachts. How wonderful.

I’d also take issue with The Magoo on the subject of public consultations. The notion of giving notice by publication seems outdated today, when people all read different things – especially when it’s published in the Official Gazette, which literally nobody reads! At the same time, it seems like it would be easy enough to find out who the directly affected neighbours are, when it comes to a construction project like a marina, and send them a mass email (if “letters by hand” are too much, as your reader says).


MC, Nicosia, via email

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