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If it can work in Belgium and Switzerland it can work here

I recently read UniteCyprusNow webpage and found myself in agreement with their views.

Belgium and Switzerland are two good examples of how a united Cyprus could work. In Belgium, Dutch, French and German are the three official languages and Brussels is multilingual. Belgium borders France, Germany and the Netherlands, yet most Belgians view themselves as Belgian. The same as in Switzerland where it borders Italy, France and Germany, there are three official languages, German, French and Italian and nearly all the people in Switzerland view themselves as Swiss.

This can also happen in Cyprus, and we need to move forward with one nationality (Cypriot) a new national anthem (not Greece’s or Turkey’s) a new flag minus the colours of Greece and Turkey and a new constitution for political and religious equality of all Cypriots regardless of their ethnic origins.

A united Cyprus will be an EU member and can join NATO (Greece and Turkey are NATO Members) and this will be best security for all Cypriots. The islands resources can also equally be shared by all Cypriots. All Cypriots will be able to move freely all over the island instead of having border gates and guards.

Let us move forward as one people (Cypriots) and not go back to what happened in the past. If it can work in Belgium and Switzerland it can work in Cyprus.

George Georgiou, via email

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