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Protests against plan for 10-storey building in Nicosia

The Cyprus branch of the international council on monuments and sites (Icomos) has called on the Nicosia municipality to refrain from permitting the construction of a planned 10-storey building on Kinyras street in Ayios Andreas, considered an area of special character.

“The potential construction of incompatible structures in such areas will irreversibly damage their physiognomy and will bring chain reactions of similar applications which will then be difficult to turn down,” the council said.

The council noted that it does not consider the town planning authority, in this case the Nicosia municipality, obliged or legally bound to offer incentives for larger buildings and increased numbers of floors, but should have the obligation to examine each case individually and judge accordingly.

“We are calling on the Nicosia municipality to respect the historical centre and to not allow that a building of such size and height is built in this area, disregarding every urban planning rationale and special character areas practice.”

The council clarified that it considers the new buildings that now host the supreme court and town planning offices, which are two-floor constructions of modern architecture, integrate well with the town planning web of the area.

“We do not understand how the Nicosia master plan allows for the construction of buildings of eight and 10 floors in special characters areas,” the council said, highlighting that the municipality should not allow the construction of a building higher than two or three floors.

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