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House president pays tribute to Gandhi on 150th anniversary of birth

House president Demetris Syllouris with Indian High Commissioner Dr RK Raghavan and the stamps printed in honour of Gandhi

The president of the House of Representatives Demetris Syllouris paid tribute to Mahatma Gandhi on Wednesday in occasion of his 150th anniversary of his birth.

Syllouris and Indian High Commissioner Dr RK Raghavan attended a ceremony in front of the bust of Gandhi located near the building of the House of Representatives

“Gandhi’s life and achievements tell a tale of constant struggle and unwavering dedication to the values of pacifism and nonviolence and continue to inspire millions of people to this day,” Syllouris said.

“Through the years, our two countries and peoples have both suffered from a turbulent history of colonialism, struggling for freedom and independence.

“These ties are founded on mutual respect and commitment to democratic ideals and values, as well as on our common aim to work for peace and prosperity for our citizens.”

To mark the occasion, Cyprus’ Postal Service has released a commemorative stamp of Gandhi’s, “another eloquent example of our profound respect and admiration”, said Syllouris.

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