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To describe a realist as a racist is the last resort of the Left

I was amused to read the two highly critical letters in Last Sunday’s Mail.

To Jonathon Reddaway I would say firstly that he must stop hanging round Cotswold pubs as it seems to have interfered with his arithmetical abilities. If he is counting the people who did not vote as Remainers it is equally valid to count them as leavers. Thus if 62.56% did not vote to leave, then 65.29% did not vote to remain. Of course I understand these things because I’m a successful, well-educated man.

As far as Margaret Georgiadou is concerned, she is clearly anti-democratic or she would urge people to abide by the leave vote.
A number of other points were made by her about my attitude to immigration into the UK. Let’s be quite clear. Immigration is the reason knife crime is the scourge of London. Immigration is the reason that British police walk streets and airports with sub machine guns, and lastly, we will never know the true extent of the grooming scandals but they have certainly been more widespread than reported or prosecuted.

To describe a realist as a racist is the last resort of the Left.
And yes, the EU is totally undemocratic. The Parliament is powerless, and the officials are appointed by their predecessors.
I’m not an immigrant into Cyprus. I’m a high-paying guest. I take nothing from the country.

Geoffrey Evans, Peyia

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