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The end justifies the means and overrides the ethos of ‘goodness’.

Goering (L) at the Nuremberg Trials

Mr. Koumoullis is straying into philosophy which demands extreme cerebral interpretation and is fraught with pitfalls. The fact of the matter is that ALL forms of governance are subject to the whims and actions of those who wield power regardless of the system they either inherit or forge themselves. It’s not the system per se but the machinations and cruelty of individuals.

At the Nuremberg Trials in 1946, Reichsmarschall Goering stole the show. On one occasion he stated that it mattered not whether a country was governed by a democracy, fascist and communist dictatorships or whatever because all that those in charge had to do was lead the populace along a path of their choosing. Sound familiar?

Koumoullis also brings into the equation four examples of historic note but these have nothing to do with whether or not one system of governance is better than another but is purely a matter of political expediency.

On face value, Communism is indeed ‘better’ than fascism because it purports to produce a fair society based on total equality. However, if someone could point out where in reality this noble ideal has worked out for the benefit of all, I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.

The same could be applied to Christianity, or indeed Islam, but as I’ve stated above, it’s men who direct these institutions. Pope Urban II’s sermon in 1095 at Clermont, which launched the First Crusade, absolved the faithful of violent acts in order to regain Jerusalem. This is a classic example of the end justifying the means and overriding the ethos of ‘goodness’.


Folly to equate Nazism with communism 

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