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Today’s democracy has nothing to do with what represents “the people’s will”

MR BREXIT: Dominic Cummings, special advisor for Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson REUTERS/Hannah McKay

There was a time when politicians were driven either by principle or ideology. Today “behind the scenes” specialist political advisers and strategists are dictating politics.

Theresa May was badly let down by Fiona Hill and Nick (Rasputin) Timothy who argued over her 2017 election strategy. Hill wanted better use of online media, Timothy for some reason decided May would win the election on her personality and campaigning skills.

What all this tells us is that today’s democracy has nothing to do with what represents “the people’s will” but rather the quality of the strategist on your side. Had Dominic Cummings been on the side of Remain…..there is no way Leave would have won and there is no way “democracy” would have come under so much scrutiny since most Leave voters hadn’t heard of Cummings until Johnson came to power.

Great article James Deferalist.


Dominic Cummings: Master manipulator or out of his depth? 

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