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Racism is everywhere…unfortunately

Image by Javier Robles from Pixabay

Racism is not in the genes — we don’t need to look at the individual behavior of human beings.

We can look instead at the education system that has the aim of reproducing nationalism, patriotism, sectarianism, xenophobia and a sense that history is on our side (we were always right, they were always wrong; they’re trying to take our jobs or take our country etc.)

This is how states reproduce themselves, their workforce and their consumer base.

If you want individual behavior to change (and I am not suggesting that there will not always be a percentage that insists that “we” are fundamentally different from “them”) change the story that you tell them about who they are, where they came from, why they are here and where they are going.


Racism is everywhere in any country you go to. I’ve seen it in Greece, Israel, USA, etc.

And the funny thing people who are victims are also racist in their own environment. Cypriot women were racists against the Russian lady.

Some Russians are racists when they are in their country against others. It exists everywhere.

The issue is that she was lucky to be able to capture it on video and post it. So for this newwpaper i have an answer to its question: we are as racists as other nations are 🙂


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