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Sorry, but you are racist and not a democrat

I refer to the letter from Geoffrey Evans (Peyia) (Sunday Mail, October 6, ‘To describe a realist as a racist is the last resort of the Left’).

Firstly, we need to define ‘democracy’. ‘Demos’ is a Greek word meaning ‘the community’ or ‘society’. ‘Democracy’ means government by society (all of it), for society (all of it). It aspires to involve all, as far as is humanly possible, in all decisions, and to take all views into consideration, again as far as is humanly possible. It accepts that everyone in society has concerns and possibly wisdom, both of which need to be taken into consideration by a wise, democratic government if society is to maintain any semblance of unity.

What Evans implies as ‘democracy’ is in fact majoritarianism. The majority wins and sod the losers. It cares not a whit for the concerns of those it labels ‘losers’, nor for the effects upon them of any subsequent actions or decisions. This is highly dangerous as it divides society.

I would ask him how he can equate the current demands for the chaos of ‘No Deal’ as democratic. What is democratic about forcing the unwilling to commit economic suicide along with him and his ilk?

With regard to his comments about immigration, I would say initially that he is blatantly a racist. Why does he assume immigrants are responsible for all knife crime? A number of white supremacists have been prosecuted for knife crimes in the UK. One even murdered an MP for her work with Asian communities in her constituency. There are no submachine gun armed police in the streets of my home town, nor any visible at Manchester airport. But it might interest to know that the UK police now claim they are following more white supremacist terrorist threats, than Islamic threats. Proof of this statement is published on Google. As for the sex-grooming scandal, such scandals re not confined to Asians – one thinks of the recent Epstein scandal involving notables such as Prince Andrew, and there have been many others involving whites (Jimmy Saville was one such).

One last point here: you say, Evans, ‘we will never know the true extent’ of these scandals, but then contradict yourself by saying, ‘they have certainly been more widespread than reported’. How do you know this for a certainty?

Overall, you present a negative view of all immigrants, and somehow manage to delete from your consciousness the many who are surgeons, scientific researchers, doctors, nurses, lecturers, professors, opticians, pharmacists, IT businessmen and so on and on. To portray immigrants solely as bad and to blame them for all ills IS racist. It is, moreover, NOT realistic, but a nasty lie.

As for the democratic nature of the EU, I give you one example (there are many) of the procedure for electing a leader:

On 27 June 2014, the European Council officially nominated Juncker for the position, and on 15 July 2014, the European Parliament elected him with 422 votes out of the 729 cast.

So you see, EU Leaders are NOT elected by their predecessors.

As for being powerless, it has the power of 27 nation states.

One last point: guest, or not, unless you have Cypriot citizenship you have one year to obtain a residence permit, should Brexit occur. But as a ‘guest’ I would suggest you do not continue to insult your ‘host’ by referring to it as part of ‘an evil construct’. Even the amazing Cypriot hospitality has its limits.

Margaret Georgiadou, Strovolos, Nicosia

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